Indiva has an in-depth knowledge of the Indian market and the dynamically changing consumer behaviour across end-user groups, segments and diverse industries. Following trends closely equips the team to select the most suitable marketing partners and to develop mutually beneficial and result oriented campaigns.

We link exclusive global hospitality leaders with exquisite fashion labels, automobile, lifestyle and travel brands and services to enhance brand visibility among the targeted consumer group. We establish ad-hoc and long-term brand alliances with wide exposure and visibility on top performing print and online media channels.

We closely monitor results of each campaign and integrate marketing initiatives in brand specific promotional activities.

PR/Media Relations

Indiva introduces prestigious lifestyle and hospitality brands, enhances their reputation keeping set business goals in focus. The well-connected media team, from diverse professional media backgrounds, provides a clear and structured yet passionate approach.

We know and understand the Indian print, online and social media and pro-actively work with the dynamic communication environment on multiple platforms. We guide our clients yet offer flexibility to convey messages introducing services and products, to develop and to continuously enhance visibility to stay top of mind with the highest recall value.

Indiva opened and launched diverse exclusive services and products based on a clear PR strategy and mix of online and print platforms which successfully set the tone for continuous coverage: The Thrombosis Research Institute inaugurated by former President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam, 432 Park Avenue, one of NYC’s most prestigious residential buildings, the launch of resorts and renovated hotels. Indiva builds anticipation and continues the momentum and interest post openings and product launches, with a combination of various tactical elements.


Indiva has a solid understanding of the Indian customer and focuses on the travel industry and corporate markets. We have established a strong network of travel industry contacts, airline partnerships and corporate clients in all metro cities and tier I+II cities across India. Indiva enjoys an excellent track record for launching new products and ensuring continuous significant growth.

The pro-active sales team is in constant contact with clients during personal meetings, workshops and industry events, regular established in-house Indiva Days as well as frequent product mailings.
Customer relationships are highly respected and developed with a clear focus to frequently monitor measurable results.