Indiva Marketing uses a creative approach to implement tailor-made media relations, and sales and marketing activities, taking into consideration the Indian market and global impulses in its sectors of activities:

Media relations

Sales and promotional activities

Marketing communication


The well established team is pro-active and dynamic to develop a personalised partnership with each client. Strategies are targeted and results closely monitored.


PR/Media Relations:

Perform an inter-active media survey to assess the existing level of brand recognition in India.

Identify the relevant platforms to develop a clear positioning strategy through professional media relations.

Develop a tailor-made press kit with adequate quotes, photography and dynamic elements supporting the communication.

Meet with key editors and journalists of lifestyle, travel, business and travel trade publications to guarantee wide media exposure.

Communicate the brand, new services and India specific plans at press conferences.

Communicate tactical offers and develop a regular product media angle for the brand.


Sales Activities:

Identify and develop upscale FIT leisure and corporate GIT/MICE business.

Tele-market metro and secondary cities.

Meet with travel industry and corporate clients.

Facilitate contracting process and monitor business.

Communicate with qualified database through mailings.

Provide market intelligence.

Organise client roadshows and attend travel industry events.

Marketing Initiatives:

Assist strategically to position companies and their services in India.

Develop branding and co-branding through a network of marketing partners and affiliates.


Other Services Offered:

Advertising and media buying.

Market research.

Strategic communication consulting.

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